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Types of Wood : 5 Best Wood for Custom Furniture

Although interior design trends constantly change, wooden furniture is something that remains evergreen. Wood is one of the oldest and most used buildings and designing materials in the world. A material as versatile as wood cannot lose its popularity, as it can be used almost everywhere.

For furniture, there is simply no better alternative to choose from. Furniture made of wood is strong, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. While designing the interior of a house, it is always the best option to choose custom furniture instead of readymade ones available at stores and shopping websites. There are different kinds of wood that are used for making furniture for homes. Here, we will have a look at the 5 best wood to choose from for custom furniture.

1. Satinwood :

Satinwood is a common choice for making vintage-themed furniture. Its name originates from the woven fabric satin, as satinwood is common for its smooth and lustrous surface. It is very durable and its high gloss finish makes it aesthetically pleasing and luxurious. Satinwood is found in central and southern India. Its color ranges from light to golden yellow, to orangish brown. Its texture is fine and even, with a very high natural luster.

2. Sal Wood :

Sal wood is one of the toughest wood available in India. It is found in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. Apart from furniture, sal wood is also common for making musical instruments and flooring. It originally has a light color but darkens when exposed to sunlight. Sal wood has the ability to withstand water, which makes it ideal for places with cold climates.

3. Indian Rosewood :

It is more commonly known as "Sheesham" in India. Rosewood has one of the most beautiful natural colors among all other wood. Its color ranges from red to light brown with golden streaks and often presents various shades of purple which oxidize to brown in a few years. Its color and ability to sustain for more than 20 years, make it one of the most expensive wood. In India, it is commonly found in Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Odisha. Sheesham is a classic wood that can be used with different polishes and finishes.

4. Teak Wood :

Teak wood is one of the oldest types of wood used for making furniture. That is why it is common to see old wooden artifacts perfectly intact. Teak trees live for centuries, and the furniture made from them is timeless. Teak is common in central and southern India. It has a straight grain pattern and smooth surface. All of these are combined by a beautiful, rich brown color, making teak one of the most beautiful wood.

5. Merbau Timber :

In terms of popularity and functions, Merbau is probably the only competitor to teak wood. Like teak, the presence of oil in Merbau wood further strengthens it. Merbau is commonly found in This wood is commonly used for making furniture pieces like doors, chests, chariots, decorative windows, and so on. Merbau tree is commonly known as 'God's Tree', making it a popular material for puja spaces in homes. It originally has a yellowish-orange color which eventually oxidizes into a beautiful reddish-brown.

Among the several types of wood commonly available in India, we believe the above five to be the best options. In general, the "best wood" for furniture is a rather vague term.

In choosing the right wood for furniture, you need to consider the availability of the material and your budget. It also depends on your preference; whether you are looking for lightweight or heavyweight furniture.

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