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We are a luxury interior design firm based in Mohali; serving Tricity &  surrounding areas. We help busy families and individuals like you, achieve your ideal version of luxurious living; blending it seamlessly with practicality and your lifestyle needs.

We meet you wherever you are in your pursuit of an ideal home. Lack of time or lack of a trust fund should not stand in the way of you living your best life in your home.

We bring creative solutions, expert execution and outstanding results to every project we touch. We take a heart-centered approach to design and will work hard to bring your vision to life. We obsess about the details, because the details are what make for a dynamic and unique design. 

Upholstery for Interior


Acel Rivers, founder and creative director of Acel Rivers Design Studio, is a young designer creating multi-faceted, experiential residential, commercial and retail environments as well as expansive collections of lifestyle product designs.

Acel has a keen eye for design and a sense to understand the client's needs. Through an exploration of materiality, color, forms, and an intuitive juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage, architectural and organic, graphic, and instinctual, he curates a wealth of experiences into every design.

With his continuously growing YouTube channel, Acel offers behind-the-scenes glimpses of his creative process, collaborative partnerships also life as an entrepreneur, exemplifying the kind of camaraderie, transparency, and connection with his community that he holds dear.



Harleen Kaur

Interior Designer


Jasjot Singh

Interior Designer

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Bharti Sharma

Interior Designer


Acel Rivers

Founder and Creative Director


Yuvraj Ghaly

Managing Director


Mimo & Bubbles

The Mood Lifter

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Alisha Sharma

Design Intern


Jasmine Kaur

Design Intern

Interior Designer

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