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The only thing we take seriously at Acel Rivers Design Studio is personal growth. No matter if you do drafting, 3D Modeling, photoshopping, Illustrations, or managing projects, as a firm, we would like to give you the opportunities to be better at it.

Our small office is located in Mohali but still with a lot of room to come up with really cool stuff and have fun doing it and with enough sunlight to keep our plants alive.

Interior Designer



We need a Creative Designer. Actually, two! We’re not in trouble, and we do not plan to be, but a creative agency’s life is full of joy and fun. Contracts, new employees, Projects, execution, and almost anything from the realms of design, advertising, and communication. All of us work tirelessly to satisfy our clients, but in order to do so it is necessary to have someone with an overall knowledge of the graphic design and the speed and efficiency to deliver sound design solutions to all of our design-related issues. Is that someone you?

Requirements -

1. 1-year experience after acquiring your degree (not mandatory if you have a master's degree).

2. Excellent English skills, both verbal and written.

3. Ideally you are highly organized, agile, task-focused, and adept at juggling multiple priorities in a fast-moving environment.

4. A strong Portfolio.

5. A people-friendly approach and a high level of empathy and tolerance.

6. Software proficiency - Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW/Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Indesign.

7. It is a full-time in-office position.

Responsibilities -

1. Building graphics concepts for brand development.
2. Managing, improving, and creating content for social media marketing.
3. Creating images that identify a product and convey a message.
4. Developing graphics for product illustrations, logos, and websites.
5. Designing promotional materials like informative and educational posters, leaflets, cards, etc.
6. Photo editing for e-commerce sales and packaging design
6. Reviewing designs for errors before printing or publishing them.

Salary - 10,000-12,000/- per month

To apply, please send us your CV and portfolio at

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