5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting a Colour Scheme

Choosing a colour scheme is an integral part of interior designing. What colours you choose and how you pair them up, define your whole design. Making mistakes while choosing a colour scheme is very common if you are starting from scratch. After all, the fine balance of combining different colours with different patterns takes a lot of consideration. Here, we will have a look at 5 common mistakes that people make while choosing a colour scheme.

1. Choosing Too Many Colors in One Room :

People still like to stick to the mantra of "the more the better". However, that is not true in most cases. Walking into a room with way too many colours can be a bit overwhelming and tacky.

Normally, a colour palette or scheme shouldn't exceed six colours, even for eccentric design styles. If choosing six colours seems too difficult, you can go for three or four. Make sure there is one dominant colour, one standard colour, and one or two accent colours.

2. Not Considering Little Decorative Pieces