All about Minimalist Design Style

Updated: Apr 12

Minimalism is deliberately living with necessary things and doing away with the distraction of excessive possessions to focus more on things that matter most. Moreover, it promises a life that has contentment, less stress, and more freedom.

let's discuss what minimalist interior design style is and the advantages of embracing it:

Minimalist interior design style

Minimalist design style has erupted from modern movement (1925-1950). Its roots can be found in the Bauhaus movement (which stresses that design should prioritize usability and aesthetics should come in second). It offers a restful place that may not stimulate the eye but assures peace of mind to its occupants.

Here are a few features of a minimalist home:

  1. A minimalist home is an uncluttered space. The furniture is provided according to the need, so there is no scope for extra. Sometimes the walls are kept empty without having any artwork.

  2. Natural light is abundant, because of the large windows which make space look bigger and airy.

  3. The furniture used in the space has a basic structure with clean lines, totally devoid of embellishments.

  4. A neutral colour palette (whites, creams, blacks, grey) runs throughout the space and a few times little splashes of colours (as accents) are used to avoid monotony.

  5. Designers play with multifarious shades and textures to make space warmer (as the monochromatic colour scheme sometimes results in a cold environment).

  6. Accessories are used rarely or in a limited manner, you can only find a pair of elegant hanging lights in the bedroom or a vase with fresh flowers on the dining table as a decoration.