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Innovative Fabric Selections for Furniture.

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Although interior design styles don't need to have certain upholstery fabric as their characteristic, some fit well in the design and some don't. No matter how beautiful a furniture design is, it is all for naught if its essence is poor. Fabric is an important essence in furniture design. Here, we will have a look at the five best fabrics for custom furniture that you can choose from.

1. Cotton :

Cotton is a natural fiber and has several practical purposes. For furniture, it is one of the most cost effective and comfortable options around. Additionally, cotton is highly versatile as it takes colors and patterns exceptionally well. You can choose the design from an endless array of colors that will best suit your interior.

Another benefit of cotton is that it resists fading, which is important for furniture that are kept outdoors. The only downside is that cotton is highly susceptible to stains so it could be a bit hard to maintain.

2. Velvet :

Velvet is a sumptuous fabric that is delicate to the touch. It is also available in various colors, most of which are quite rich and opulent such as maroon, royal blue, violet, and so on. It can be easily cleaned if the stain is attended immediately, otherwise the stain will be permanent. Good quality and long lasting velvets are quite expensive. Velvets are not a suitable option for those keeping pets at home as it easily traps their fur.

3. Microfiber :

Microfiber is an excellent alternative for suede as has almost the same look and feel. Unlike suede, microfiber is cost-effective and highly resistant to stains. This type of fabric fits well in modern contemporary interiors. The only downside of microfiber is that it can easily trap hair and fur, so it is ideal for those having pets.

4. Silk :

Silk is an extremely luxurious and delicate fabric which suits the vintage or traditional settings. Its smooth surface repels the dust and its shimmery appearance is exceptionally charming. Its biggest downside is that it is difficult to maintain as it is not stain-restistant and can even retain watermarks. Another issue is that silk furniture is not suitable for outdoors as its low elasticity will weaken in sunlight.

5. Linen :

Linen has looser weave than cotton and it is the most earthy furniture fabric. It has strong natural fire with a smooth, soft, and lustrous surface. Linen is extremely durable and resistant to abrasion and pilling. Another benefit is that it doesn't allow dust to settle in. This fabric is suitable for classic Indian household interiors. The biggest cons of linen are that direct sunlight will weaken its fibers and the fabric will shrink after washing.

These are the prime fabric choices for custom furniture that suit best in Indian households. If you are planning to order custom furniture for your home, the shape and size of it also plays a factor in choosing the best fabric.

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