Different Types of T.V Units You Need to be Aware of

Updated: Apr 9

These days people want T.V everywhere, whether it's bedroom, living or dining. Designers have also started focusing more on T.V unit designs in comparison to previous years. There are nine different types of T.V units, which you need to be acquainted with.

1. Wall mounted

In these designs the TV panels are mounted on the wall. One can play with design in end number of ways with the help of different materials and finishes available in the market.

2. Free standing

Free standing T.V panel is a whole piece of furniture where one can have a T.V and it has a number of shelves and cabinets to store items and display accessories. These can be customized according to the space available and requirements.

3. Console

Instead of T.V panel, an elegant console can be placed under an LCD/LED ( which will be hung on the wall). This console can be used to store crockery ( when in the dining area), one’s favorite books and display some pieces of art.(when placed in a bedroom)

4. T.V Stand with audio towers

In this type, a T.V stand accompanies two audio towers on both the sides of it. Speakers are placed in these towers for better functionality.

5. Entertainment Centre

Entertainment center is a giant piece of attraction with lots of shelves to display and cabinets for storage. If your living area is open, you can place a massive entertainment center. It will serve all the purposes in one go and will become a dominant feature of the space.

6. Floating

These are wall mounted shelves or cabinets which float over the floor. They are totally opposite to the entertainment center, as they are minimal.

7. Hutch

This sort of T.V panel is used in dining areas where it serves both the purposes of a T.V panel as well as a crockery unit. T.V is placed in the center with all around glass cabinets to display crockery or showcase antique items.

8. Open shelves

One need not to spend a lot of money all the time on a T.V unit. Place the LCD/LED on the desired wall and give some shelves down and on the sides and it is ready.

9. Swivel

In this, LCD/LED is placed in a movable frame or stand. The advantage of it is that it can be rotated in any angle, according to one’s comfort.

These were nine different types of T.V units, which one you liked the most?

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