Essential Furniture Items for Bedroom

Updated: Apr 9

A bedroom is a space which is quite personal and most of the time spent here is to relax and refresh. There are some furniture items which the bedroom must have to make it functional and comfortable.


Having a bed according to the requirement and space is very important. Beds come in different sizes:

· King size(6’*6’)

· Queen size(6’*5’)

· Single(6’*4’)

· twin(6’*3’)

For an instance: it would be better to use a single or a twin bed instead of a king and queen in a young girl or boy’s bedroom. In this manner, a lot of space can be saved that further can be utilized for other purposes. Moreover, choose a comfortable mattress for a good night's sleep. There are also lots of options available for bed headboards which a person can choose while keeping a few things in mind.

Side Tables

A bed should have side tables to give it a complete look and function. If space does not allow having two side tables, then no issues, at least have one. Side tables are useful to place items like mobile phones, side lamps, books, photo frames, an alarm clock, or things a person may need late light or early morning like- spectacles, water, medicines, etc. Hence this can put an end to so much hassle.


A bedroom should also have a wardrobe to store clothes, shoes, blankets, and other personal accessories. The size can be big or small according to the need. In the absence of one, space will be messy.


A full or a half-length mirror is important in a bedroom to get ready. Have a dressing table if your space and budget allow or you can smartly put a mirror on the side of the bed where the side table can serve the purpose of a dresser or vice versa (like in the picture). Apart from this, a mirror serves other purposes too (like making space look bigger).

A chair or couch

A cozy chair or couch provides an interesting corner in the room where a person can spend time reading one’s favorite book or enjoying a hot cup of coffee early morning. Again, if the room is spacious add a couch, otherwise a comfortable chair will be fine.

These are some essential furniture items, apart from these a number of pieces can be added to make a room more versatile. Further, it can be embellished with soft furnishings and decorative items to make it look more lavish.

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