How to Choose a Right Bed for Your Bedroom

Updated: Apr 9

What do you generally do when you have to buy a bed? Go to a furniture store and choose the one which attracts your eyes the most? Well, wait for a moment! This attractive bed can prove a disaster, so you need to ponder over few points, before you go for the purchase:

What is the size of the bedroom?

Take a measuring tape and check the size of your bedroom. For small (7’*10’) and very small (6’*6”) bedrooms go for a daybed, trundle bed or a bunker bed and for medium size (10’*10’) bedrooms, one can choose a queen size bed, whereas for large (13’*13) bedrooms, a king size (6’*6’) will be suitable.

What is your budget?

Think about how much you can spend? Whenever you go for the purchase, ask them to show the beds which come under your budget, it will be very easy for you to choose one. You can choose a sleeping loft, open frame bed or a slat bed, these are less expensive in comparison to others.

(This bed, though less expensive, looks perfect for the space.)

Try to choose one which goes with other furniture in the room

As you are changing a bed not the whole furniture, try to choose one which matches with the existing furniture items in the bedroom. Otherwise it will look odd.

(this bed goes perfectly with this rustic look of the bedroom)

Who is going to use the bedroom?

After knowing size, think about the requirements of members who are going to use it. A couple can choose a queen size bed but if 2-3 siblings are sharing a bedroom, then one should either go for a bunk bed or a trundle bed. If a child sleeps with parents, in this case a king size bed will be better. If it is the bedroom of a young boy and girl, you can even go for a twin size bed or a single bed.

(In this medium size bedroom, two kids are given individual beds and there is open space for other activities as well.)

Which headboard to choose?

Headboards are crucial part of a bed, so try to choose one wisely for your bed. For an example, if a toddler is going to spend most of the time on bed while playing and watching T.V, go for a tufted headboard, it will be more safe for them, because they can hurt themselves with a wooden or a metal headboard. So choose a headboard which you feel will be comfortable for the person who is going to use the bed.

(This tufted headboard is perfect for a child’s bed than a mental or wooden)

Do you need storage?

Beds come with and without storage. Choose according to your need. If storage is not required, avoid buying beds with storage as they are more bulky.

Choose a right mattress

Most important part of bed is a mattress, so choose a comfortable one with your bed. Sleeping on an old and uncomfortable mattress can cause discomfort.

These are few points which you should keep in mind when going to buy a new bed. These can make a real difference to the purchase.

Thank you!

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