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Interior Design Tips : How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Your home isn't only for yourself and your family members. When you bring in a pet home, they also share the same space. They are smaller than us and have different requirements. Also, even though we adore them, it is a huge headache when they rip the furniture, break decorative items and destroy just about anything.

Most people in India prefer to raise cats or dogs. They are extremely active and leave their fur all over the place, which can be quite challenging to clean. Here are a few tips that will help you create a better environment for both yourself and your four-legged friends.

1. Pick Rugs Instead of Carpets :

When raising a pet, having carpets at home is not a good idea. Carpets soak up pet stains, absorb odor and trap their fur. Instead of carpets, you should prefer inexpensive rugs that are durable enough to withstand pet movement. The rugs should be lightweight so you can easily pick up and clean them.

2. Upholstery Fabric :

When choosing upholstery fabric, you need to pick colors that are similar to your pet's hair. This way, even if their fur gets trapped on your furniture, it won't look dirty. You should avoid delicate and expensive fabrics such as silk or velvet. They are difficult to clean regularly and easily scratchable. Instead, prefer Crypton, Ultrasuede, or other strong fabrics. These are much more durable and prone to scratches. Leather is also a durable material but is prone to scratches so you should also avoid that.

3. Play Zones :

Creating a play zone will keep your pets busy so they won't relieve their boredom by wrecking your place. They spend most of their time indoors and would love to have some entertainment inside the house. You can choose a place near the window, balcony, or verandah from where they'll be able to enjoy the view. The play zone doesn't need to be overly expensive. All you require is a piece of comfortable pet furniture, a few toys, and a small barrier.

4. Choose the Right Wall Paint :

Walls are something people always tend to overlook when creating a pet-friendly home. But they can end up being a huge headache if you have to clean them regularly. You need to avoid highly textured walls. They can easily trap fur even if your pets aren't rubbing themselves against them. Instead, prefer satin or semi-glossed paints that help repel fur and are easier to clean.

5. Prefer Metal in Furniture :

Your pets won't be able to differentiate between furniture and chew toys. Especially when they have their teeth growing, they'll bite onto just about everything. So, avoid furniture made of wood, rattan, wicker, sisal, or any teething material. Instead, prefer metal or chrome materials that are much more durable. Even if the whole furniture can't be made of metal, at least make sure that the legs are metallic instead of wooden.

6. Hard-Surface Floors :

Pets will always dirty or scratch your floors, especially when they are still toilet-training. So, we recommend to choose flooring materials that are easy to clean. Avoid hardwood floors because your pets can easily sctract them. If you still love wooden flooring, then opt for expensive high quality woods such as mahogany or oak. They are extremely hard and so you don't have to worry about your pets damaging them. However, if you want to choose something cost-effective, opt for laminate, stone, or ceramic floor. They also provide an added benefit of keeping your pets cooler during summers.

Raising a pet is not easy, but it is also a fulfilling experience. You get so much joy and bliss just by being near them. But in turn, you also have to keep them happy. So the best thing to do is to create a home that is comfortable for them to live in as well. Your four-legged friends deserve a place which makes them feel safe, engaged, and loved.

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