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Four Types of Wardrobes You Must be Aware of:

A person can have different wardrobes according to the space and requirement. Here are 4 types of wardrobes you need to be aware of:

1. Walk-in

This wardrobe is possible in spacious houses. It is a room where all clothes, shoes, accessories are placed together. A person can walk into the room, stand there and access the items. These wardrobes can have a dressing area too. The size of a walk-in wardrobe depends on the size of the house or the collection of clothes, shoes and accessories a person has. For example, an American woman named Theresa Roemer has a 3000 square feet wardrobe over three stories, which is considered to be the largest closet in the country.

2. Reach-in

Though these have doors, sliders or curtains, a person cannot enter into a reach-in closet. When the door is open, one can have a full view of the closet and have a look at the whole collection. These are made of rods to hang, shelves of different sizes to store clothes, shoes and accessories.

3. Standalone Wardrobe

Standalone wardrobes are also called freestanding closets. It can be customised or purchased. These wardrobes are mobile, a person can shift these from one place to another and these can be sold or replaced anytime. But standalone wardrobes have limited space. As they don’t go up till the ceiling, the space left above can’t be utilised well.

4. Loft Wardrobes

These wardrobes go up to the ceiling height and have a loft over them which is used for storing extra items which don’t come in use daily. So these make most of the use of the space available. A few times, a mirror and shelves are incorporated with these closets, this way these serve both purposes.

So if the home is spacious and you have a great collection of clothes, shoes and accessories, go for a walk-in closet. If space is less and you want to make most of it, then have a reach-in or lofts above the wardrobe. In case the space is small, a standalone wardrobe will be a perfect choice.

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