Four Types of Wardrobes You Must be Aware of:

A person can have different wardrobes according to the space and requirement. Here are 4 types of wardrobes you need to be aware of:

1. Walk-in

This wardrobe is possible in spacious houses. It is a room where all clothes, shoes, accessories are placed together. A person can walk into the room, stand there and access the items. These wardrobes can have a dressing area too. The size of a walk-in wardrobe depends on the size of the house or the collection of clothes, shoes and accessories a person has. For example, an American woman named Theresa Roemer has a 3000 square feet wardrobe over three stories, which is considered to be the largest closet in the country.

2. Reach-in

Though these have doors, sliders or curtains, a person cannot enter into a reach-in closet. When the door is open, one can have a full view of the closet and have a look at the whole collection. These are made of rods to hang, shelves of different sizes to store clothes, shoes and accessories.