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How can you tile a tiny bathroom to make it appear larger?

Stylish designs may offer ideas if you want to make your little washroom appear larger. Continue reading to learn how the look and feel of your bathroom may be affected by the colour, size, and arrangement of the tiles.

1. Reduce grout lines

(Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash)

Although you may assume that smaller tiles would be preferable in a tiny bathroom, bigger designs are really a terrific choice. Wide-format tiles provide fewer joints and less fussy grout lines, giving the impression that the space is more open and uncluttered.

To produce a neat finish, the designers put huge marble tiles on the floor and around the surfaces and walls.

2. Orient the eye

(Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash)

Because the curves drive the eye over the surfaces, a chevron or herringbone pattern may make a space look larger. The tiles in this bathroom go along the floor and up the wall, making the space feel larger and taller.

3. Play with a diagonal.


A arrangement that produces diagonal lines, on the other hand, might help the space feel more expansive. Bert & May at Fired Earth porcelain tiles in Alalpardo Green, seen below with the Versailles big washbasin console from, are a good option.

4. Raised up

Metro tiles arranged vertically offer the appearance of height, which is another brilliant concept for a tiny room. The rectangular tiles in this bathroom are placed one on top of the other to draw the eye from floor to ceiling.

5.Rationing Scheme

(Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash)

Patterned tiles are beautiful, but too many of them could make a small bathroom feel even more compact. This can be quite effective if you want to create a cosy feel, but not if you’re hoping to make your space look larger.

Instead, use patterned tiles wisely by introducing them on smaller surfaces. The geometric pattern is highlighted in the recess here, with the rest of the surfaces being pure white. There's just enough pattern to keep things interesting without overwhelming the space.

6. Use black as an anchor

(Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash)

Although light hues provide the illusion of space, this does not mean that black should be avoided entirely. As the designers have done here, lay black tiles on the floor and contrast them with brilliant white walls.

Because black is recessive, it makes the white above it appear lighter. The attention is attracted upwards to the vast feeling generated by the walls and ceiling.

7. Cast light back

(Photo by Super Snapper on Unsplash)

By selecting tiles that reflect the light, you may give the appearance of spaciousness. The designers used a typical shade of grey tile for this bathroom, arranging it in a traditional brick-bond pattern. However, the tile's surface is crucial since its glossy, uneven appearance helps bounce light about the space.

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