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How Hinged Wardrobes are Different from Sliding Wardrobes?

Which wardrobe should be chosen? Hinged or slider? You will get the answer for sure after reading the following article:

1. Hinged Wardrobes

The doors of these wardrobes are attached with hinges and these open outwards. These are made of plywood, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), particleboard, glass or solid wood. Surface finishes are provided with veneer, laminate (ceramica), mirror, glass and leather. A number of options are available in accessories like pull-out basket & organizers, shoe rack, wardrobe lift, trouser holders, hanger holder, tie & belt holder, pull out mirror.

Here are some reasons why one should go with a hinged wardrobe:

  • These wardrobes can be fitted in any space and customized according to the requirement. It can be made on a single wall or into an L-shape and even under a staircase.

  • The inner surface of the doors of this wardrobe can be used to install hooks, mirrors, small shelves for storage. It is very easy to maintain and clean these wardrobes. The hinges can be tightened or replaced whenever needed.

  • These wardrobes give a traditional look to the space.

  • These wardrobes are cost effective, one can have these, according to one’s budget.

But there are few drawbacks as well:

  • These wardrobes need enough space, so that the doors can open easily, without creating any obstruction for movement.

  • When mirrors are placed on the surface, these make the doors heavier. Hence the hinges can lose with a duration of time.

One should avoid placing mirrors on the surface and giving bigger doors than 2 feet to avoid the issues mentioned above. Overall these are budget friendly and easy to install.


2. Sliding Wardrobe

Sliders are made of the same materials and finishes as that of hinged wardrobes. These wardrobes have channels and they open while sliding towards the right or the left side. The minimum length needed for sliders is 7 feet, lesser than that won’t be ideal.

Here are some benefits of having sliders:

  • As these wardrobes do not open outwards, these need less space and they are perfect for small space designs.

  • Mirrored slider not only makes space look bigger but serves the motive of a full length mirror also, which makes it multifunctional.

  • Sliders give a modern look. So if you are planning to make a modern bedroom, go for a slider rather than hinged ones.

However there are few short-comings of these too:

  • Sliders need gentle handling and maintenance. The channels need to be cleaned and rollers lubricated occasionally for smooth movement.

  • These need at least 7 feet space for better functioning.

  • One cannot have a full view of the closet as the half is always blocked.

Overall sliders are the best option for modern and small space designs.


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