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How to Create a Fun Yet Professional Office Environment

When your employees walk into your company's workplace, how do they feel? How do partners feel? What about the customers?

Do they have a sense of dread, a tinge of old stuffiness, or a complete lack of inspiration? Maybe even some office stress? Or do they feel at rest, at ease, and ready to work?

I'm hoping for the latter. The inclusion of entertaining aspects in the office setting has a wealth of game-changing advantages.

Modern workplaces are rapidly eschewing dull environments and stiff, gray cubicles. High-performing, forward-thinking businesses like Google and Apple are championing modern workplace concepts that foster a spirit of joyful openness.

1. Encourage your team to add personal items to their workspaces

A workspace that is devoid of personality can come across as stark and, quite frankly, boring. For employees, this can reduce their willingness to open up at work and to get to know their colleagues.

By encouraging your staff to furnish their workspaces with personal stuff, you can overcome this. This could include pictures of the family, objects from your youth, or houseplants.

Even something as straightforward as asking your staff to bring their own coffee mugs to work might help create a more relaxed, comfortable environment.

2. Use color wisely.

A bland, generic office can really be transformed into a fun yet professional retreat by the use of color. Don't be hesitant to employ color in your office design, whether it be through a striking feature wall or more subdued accents on the furnishings.

Use your brand colors as a suggestion if you're unsure of what color to choose.

Before you start painting everything you see, heed this caution: don't go overboard. Keep your larger walls and furniture neutral to avoid going overboard.

3. Make a calm break space

Does your team have a place to unwind when not working? Your staff room or break area needs an upgrade. Here are a few creative suggestions to get you thinking:

  • Provide a range of sitting alternatives, such as couches, tables, and chairs. Employees can then comfortably eat their lunch or visit with coworkers.

  • Include a few enjoyable hobbies, such as card games or novels. Who knows, you might organize an Uno tournament for the entire office.

  • Keep the space open but separate. The attractiveness of open-plan offices cannot be disputed. But it's important to distinguish between distinct zones. Consider carefully placing sofas, building an indoor plant wall, or painting the break space a distinct color from the rest of the office.

  • Stock up on supplies for the break room. Purchase a fridge, kettle, and coffee maker. Give your staff the tools they need to unwind.

(Photo by Slidebean on Unsplash)

Remember, it’s your staff that will be using this space. Ask them what they want. What furniture, activities, and kitchen appliances do they need to unwind on their lunch break?

4. Honor nature.

A simple indoor plant is the best way to modernize an old workplace. Indoor plants brighten the space, provide a calming visual experience, and enhance the air quality.

Incorporate natural materials and natural light into your workspace whenever you can to celebrate nature at your job in addition to using plants. Light-colored woods are fashionable because they are adaptable and give any room a hint of Scandinavian style.

(Photo by myHQ Workspaces on Unsplash)

Furthermore, because we spend most of our waking hours staring at screens, it is important to consider how gentle on the eyes natural light is.

5. Make use of wall space

Unoccupied walls are a lost opportunity. Utilize the wall space in your office by hanging modern artwork or motivational sayings. Alternatively, put in a couple of contemporary shelf units and show off your collection of indoor plants.

(Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash)

Again, request assistance from your staff. Use the creative energy that thrives in your workplace! Simply don't go overboard. Choose one or two focal points on the wall and give them plenty of space to breathe.

6. Build up a library

If your employees have a 15-minute break, encourage them to put down their smartphones and pick up a book.

How? By stocking up a bookshelf with classic novels, educational books, and even large art books. Your team can then escape to the quiet privacy of an office phone booth and read for a couple of minutes before returning to work refreshed, relaxed, and inspired.

It's one thing to design a lively workplace that exudes inspiration. Another is making sure your employees still have the peace and quiet they require to function as efficiently as possible.

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