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Wall Design: Different Types of Wall Finishes

In interior design, wall plays a major role in enhancing the overall aesthetic of a room. This is why, people have always explored new ways to design the wall using methods such as paneling, textures, and so on.

The wall finish is a trendy way to enrich the look of a building. It is the next step after painting a room. There are various types of finishes, each having its charm. Here are a few different types of wall finishes that you should know about.

1. Cement Plaster Wall Finish :

This is probably the most elegant wall finish of all. It gives a minimal look to the room with the variety of styles and textures it comes with. The types of finishes provided by plasters are smooth cast finish, roughcast finish, sand faced finish, and scraped finish.

2. Tile Wall Finish :

The tile wall finish is the most popular type of finish as there are endless options to choose from. Commonly used for kitchens and bathrooms, tile wall finishes are now being used in living rooms and other rooms as well. Some of the common tile finishes are glossy finish, matte finish, textured finish, glazed finish, and unglazed finish.

3. Laminate Wall Finish :

Laminate wall finishes are common in both residential and corporate buildings. However, they are more expensive than cement and tile finishes. Laminates have greater aesthetic appeal in terms of styles and patterns. They are used in a variety of spaces. Laminate wall finishes are durable and easy to maintain.

4. Marble Powder Wall Finish :

The marble powder wall finish is extremely luxurious and smooth. It looks like marble flooring and is obtained by mixing the mortar of marble powder, white cement, and water.

5. Designer Mirror Wall Finish :

The designer mirror wall finish is one of the most extravagant wall finishes out there. It involves designer mirrors that are structured on the walls to create murals using small glass pieces. They are easy to install but need quite a bit of maintenance. Nonetheless, the allure it adds to the interiors is worth the effort. Additionally, mirror wall finishes create the illusion of larger space and can also brighten up the dark corners.

6. Wood Paneling Wall Finish :

Wood paneling is the evergreen wall finish that hasn’t been out of trend for decades. The fact that there are so many types of wood to explore compared with their versatility of flexibility keeps people from getting bored of them. Even now, wood is one of the most important building materials for contemporary as well as traditional design.

7. Wallpaper Finish :

It is a cost-effective and convenient way to enhance an interior. Wallpaper is decorative paper glued to walls. It has been around even before the 18th century as a decorative element for interiors. Nowadays, wallpapers come in all kinds of patterns and designs. They are durable, low maintenance, and easy to put on and off.

These are some of the best wall finishes in the market. Choosing a type of wall finish that compliments your interior can uplift the aesthetics of any project tenfold.

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