11 Different Types of Beds You Need to be Acquainted with:

Updated: Apr 9

Do you exactly know what type of bed you would like to have in your bedroom? Can you name it? If no; then this article is for you. End number of styles and designs of beds are available in market these days. Out of those, 11 all time popular are discussed below. Hope you will find your favourite one here!

1. Wingback Bed

This bed’s headboard is curved inside from the corners, which makes it look more sophisticated and luxurious. Nowadays tufted headboards in wing beds are more in trend and admired, though they come in wooden too.

2. Murphy beds

These beds come under the category of transformable furniture (smart furniture). They can be installed in multifunctional space (like a studio apartment) where during day time these are folded, so that the space can be used for other functions and during night, beds are unfolded and the same space turns into a sleeping area.

3. Panel beds

This is the most common type of bed, I am sure you also have one in your house. These are designed to support mattress and mattress foundation. The headboard is made of solid wood or upholstery and a number of designs are available in market.

4. Bunk bed

Designers most of the time give bunk beds in kids’ room, especially when there are two or three siblings sharing one bedroom. It not only provides independent bed but also opens up space. Climbing a bunk bed becomes an adventure for kids; that’s why they love having these beds in their rooms.

5. Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is a wheeled bed that goes under a single or twin size bed and can be pulled out in case of necessity. When designers can’t give bunk beds due to some reasons, they go with a trundle bed. These beds can be used in children’s room and guest rooms as well.

6. Floating beds

These beds feel like floating in air. These can be a floating platform or having legs (which are invisible to the eyes of the viewer). Floating beds create an air of mystery and suspense for those who enter into the room.

7. Open frame bed

Open frame beds are made of metal, hence give an industrial look to bedrooms. These neat and clean designs of headboards and footboards look elegant. If size of bedroom is small, these beds can be considered, as open frame beds give an illusion of more space.

8. Slat beds

Slat beds are made of a series of connected wooden slats that lie across the width of the frame. These beds are light in weight and perfect for small and medium size bedrooms.

9. Canopy Bed

Canopy beds provide more privacy and cosiness because of the fabric draped on four posters as well as on the upper space of it. This bed style has originated back in history and these were part of the bedrooms of royal class. Since then, it is in vogue. Canopies these days are light in colour and weight as compared to yesteryears. If you want to give your bedroom a romantic and dreamy look, then this bed is perfect.

10. Four poster bed

Like canopy bed this bed has four posters. The only difference between a canopy and a four poster bed is that the upper space is not draped in it, however the sides sometimes are. It could be considered as a modern form of a canopy bed.

11. Sleeping loft

When a mattress is placed on any platform higher than floor and made cosy with the help of soft-furnishings (like bed sheets, comforters, pillows etc.), this is called a sleeping loft. when placed near windows these provide a perfect corner to read and work during day time. Moreover, if ceiling is low, one should go for a sleeping loft.

These were the 11 types. I wish when you will go to buy a bed next time, you will be able to name it. (We are also interested which one you liked the most).

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